Bespoke products require bespoke apprentices

Derry Ackford and Jordan Pescott have recently joined PCH Manufacturing as apprentices to give them the vital knowledge and experience to help them as they begin their careers.
Derry and Jordan joined PCH Manufacturing in the Autumn, when the Apprenticeships became available whilst they were unsure of their next steps after college.
Derry said: “I started looking around at Apprenticeships and I was contacted by Skills Group who put me in contact with PCH about the opportunity to study Business Administration whilst I worked. When I first went to the interview I was really nervous but the interviewers Jo and Danni made me feel instantly relaxed and were easy to talk to.”

Since joining PCH Manufacturing, Jordan and Derry have been given a series of training courses which has given them the skills to perform their roles and are both studying their NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration with support from Skills Group.

Jordan tells us that when she first started it was an easy transition into the working environment: “On my first day I was quite apprehensive about answering the phones and being asked questions that I might not know the answer to. Now when the phone goes I love answering it and helping customers with their enquiries!”

Both of the new team members are really enjoying their roles and they say that there is a great atmosphere to work in at Manufacturing due to the people they work with.
Derry said: “Before I took up the apprenticeship I was working a part time job that I didn’t particularly enjoy. But now I get up in the mornings and look forward to coming to work because I love it here and my colleagues are brilliant fun.”

An apprenticeship with PCH offers an excellent opportunity for people to find work in the organisation, and there are a wide range of positions and training available to take advantage of to make a successful career.

Jordan said: “I like the thought of working my way up in an organisation like PCH. When I have passed my NVQ Level 2, I will hopefully have the opportunity to go for my Level 3. I love that PCH has different departments so I could have the chance to work in another area in the future. I think I would be quite interested in the Housing side of the business in the future and can better myself at PCH.”