Las Vegas comes to the South West Business Expo

We brought a touch of glamour to the South West Business Expo on Wednesday with our Las Vegas themed stand complete with a game of roulette!

Businesses of all types from across the South West were all under one roof in Exeter with the chance of networking and promoting their products and services. PCH Manufacturing brought the chance for punters to take a gamble to try and win some of our fantastic goodie bags.

Our stand grabbed people’s attention and gave us an opportunity to talk to customers new and old about the work we do and some of the projects we’ve worked on together.

Our Vegas themed stand encouraged people not to gamble with their signs, but to place a safe bet on PCH Manufacturing to deliver a quality bespoke service. Our roulette wheel proved a real conversation starter as people were keen to get in and place their chips down to try and win a goodie bag.

Steve Durham, Sales and Marketing Manager said: “It was a really successful day; we met so many people from so many businesses, who all had different needs. We’ve managed to get a good amount of leads to follow up on, including lots of signage and quotes for windows and doors.

“The great thing about these events is that it brings together like-minded people who we can look to work in partnership with. It’s important to attend events throughout Devon and Cornwall as we have a wide working area and need to make sure that when anyone wants a sign, PCH Manufacturing is the first name they think of.”