PCH Manufacturing staff

PCH Manufacturing supporting the future of industry in Plymouth

PCH Manufacturing has employed six apprentices over the last few months as they look to expand and teach the future workforce for industry in Plymouth.

We have introduced several apprentices to our business recently as we want to support people who want to learn a trade and work in a manufacturing environment as part of our commitment to making a better Plymouth.

Louise Turner, Head of PCH Manufacturing said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for the apprentices to learn on the job while earning a wage and it gives them a real chance to help them become a full time employee when they have passed their training and apprenticeship successfully.

“Not only that but it has really boosted the morale of the workforce as they can now teach others the skills and abilities that they have learnt throughout their careers. We are starting the apprentices on some of our projects so they can get their teeth stuck into some work and they can see what we do here.”

Let’s say hello to our new apprentices:

Reece Gocher
Reece is 16 and currently working in the Joiners workshop on his apprenticeship in carpentry. Reece studied at Torbridge High and completed his GCSEs before applying for the apprenticeship. Reece said: “I’m only nine days in but I’m really enjoying it already, I’ve just started on my first project, which is for one of our commercial customers – creating post trays for their reception area and after that I’m hoping to move onto some bigger work.”

Megan O’Toole
Megan is 17 and also on a carpentry apprenticeship in the Joiners workshop. Megan went to school with Reece and was particularly determined to succeed in gaining an apprenticeship. Megan said: “When I was looking for careers advice, I had a few raised eyebrows when I said I wanted to work in Manufacturing but I’ve loved every second so far and I’m working on a great project at the moment – I’ve been tasked with creating a big plunger to turn on the Christmas lights at Plumer House!”

Ryan Williams
Ryan is 27 and has been working through his apprenticeship as a fabricator in the window factory. Ryan said: “I was working in the PCH Manufacturing metal shop previously and so I know quite a few of the people here already and I’m enjoying getting stuck in and it’s nice to be involved in the production side of things.”

Callum McDougall
Callum is 25 and started back in May – with a bit of difficulty after breaking his finger when he came off his bike a few months ago! Callum has had a bit of a career change: “I was working in customer service which I enjoyed at the time, but I decided that I wanted to get a trade under my belt and since I’ve been here I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ll be sticking to Manufacturing!”

Joe Johnston
Joe is 19 and his apprenticeship is as a window fitter and he began at the beginning of November. Joe said: “I have previous experience window fitting with another company, but I wanted to come to PCH Manufacturing as I know they have a great apprenticeship programme. I would like to gain a full time position and perhaps move into the surveying side of things, but in an ideal world I would still do a bit of window fitting.”

Sam Berry
Sam is 19 and also doing his apprenticeship as a window fitter. Sam is very new as he only started last week and said: “I was installing security alarms before here but I, like a lot of the others here wanted to learn a trade. I’ve met everyone now just about, I’m hoping I can remember everyone’s name – but they are great team here and everyone gets on really well which contributes to the morale, which is something I haven’t seen before in my previous employment, so it makes for a happy and friendly atmosphere which gives us all a boost.”