We provide windows and doors for new homes

Brand new homes in North Prospect, Plymouth, have been fitted with windows and doors we made.

We supplied the windows and external doors for the four new homes in Allenby Road.

Eliot Design & Build built the properties on behalf of social housing provider Plymouth Community Homes, our parent company.

Two of the four three-bed homes are unique in that they are ‘lifetime’ homes which feature lifts, accessible showers, sliding doors, space under the kitchen units for wheelchairs and charging points outside.

Matt Searl, General Manager of the PVCU Department at PCH Manufacturing, said: “We’re really pleased we were able to provide the windows and doors for this new development.

“Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we provide a ‘start to finish’ service which means we can see the job through.

“It’s great to see the finished product, which in this case are four brand new and much-needed homes for people in Plymouth.”