Team Photo at High Street in Plymouth

Workshops Join Forces to Help Improve Look of City Centre Flats

It was a joint effort from our workshops when all four were drafted in to help parent company Plymouth Community Homes improve one of its blocks of flats.

The four shops played a major part in improving the appearance of the flats in High Street and Waterloo Close, Stonehouse.

The Window Factory made and fitted all the windows, the Joinery Shop installed the entrance doors while The Sign Shop made the street name plates fixed to the building.

The homes have also been externally overclad and internally, the staircases have been plastered and decorated.

PCH and its contractor Mi-space celebrated the end of the project with a planting party for residents, where they were invited to plant low-maintenance shrubs in the outdoor area.

Resident Dot Martin, who has lived in the block for 19 years, said: “It needed a facelift. It looks lovely now. They have done a good job.

“The men have been lovely too – really polite. You could go to them about any problems and they’d sort it out straight away.”

Fellow resident Julia Langdon added: “I’m proud of the improvements that have been made. Our homes feel much warmer and cosier.

“I really like the garden area too for the kids. It’s great to make them a part of things. If I’m still living here in ten years and trees grow, I can say, ‘my kids planted that’.”

Sue Shaw, Plymouth Community Homes Director of Homes and Neighbourhoods, said: “It’s such an amazing transformation. Talking to the residents, they told me they’re delighted with the changes and they’re already saying they’ve noticed it is costing them less to heat their flats.

“Someone I spoke to said it looks and feels like a new building. It’s thanks to everyone for working together to make it happen – the contractors, PCH Manufacturing and our housing and regen teams. It’s a credit to everyone.”

Lee Duncan, Mi-space’s Site Manager for the project, said: “The residents have been outstanding. Everyone has been very helpful. It’s a big disruption for them. Stonehouse is a community and this work has helped to give them back their community. The work is an improvement for the residents.”