Misty Windows

As winter fast approaches many of us are already slowly turning the heating up in our homes and finding as many ways as we can to stay warm!
When your double glazed windows fail, water gets in between the panes of glass causing the misty, foggy effect. This also reduces the effectiveness of the windows in preventing heat loss.
Fixing this misty windows issue can go a long way ensuring your windows are on your side this winter.

What causes misty windows?

Misty Windows are caused by a breakdown in the seal between the two panes of glass. This lets in water, which reduces the UV value and let’s more heat out.

Why is this an issue?

Apart from the aesthetics, the benefit of double glazing is reduced. The reduced UV value means more heat escapes through windows which will mean more energy is needed to heat homes in the winter months!

What is the advantage of having the windows fixed rather than replaced?

Fixing the glass unit is cheaper and causes far less disruption to decoration in rooms and outside. It is also better for the environment and can help to reduce energy bills!

What are the sorts of costs involved?

A normal unit can be as little as £100 to replace! Although, this figure can vary a lot, depending on if the glass is internally or externally beaded, or if it’s toughened or floats glass.

Whilst we can cover a large area across the South West, it is more cost effective to fix several windows at a time rather than just one unit.

What would a potential customer need to do to get a quote?

Call us for a free quote on 0800 111 4328 or email us at hello@pchmanufacturing.co.uk and we will give you a call back to book a suitable time to survey.

We try to avoid quoting directly over the phone as there are too many possible variations and we would prefer to give a proper quote rather than a guess which may not reflect the true cost!